Look up your classmates!



Join us at O'Laughlin's on the Lake the first Friday in August!
(No registration necessary - if you're in the area, just show up!)


Our 50th was a
great party!

50th Reunion Photo Gallery

Keep sending more photos and, if possible, identify everyone in your photos.

Virtual 50th

OK, you couldn't make it to Rochester for the reunion. Not to worry!!

Send photos of yourself & your IHS 63 friends for our Virtual 50th Gallery!

43rd Reunion Photo Gallery





"There's something about the '60s now that makes you a significant person unless you snored through the decade and did nothing. So now, when you talk about an era seen as one of the defining decades in recent history, filled with turbulence and self-sacrifice, it's very hard all these years later to admit you weren't really a part of it." - David Oshinsky, History Professor, Rutgers University

Oh!! But we WERE a part of it!!!!