50th Reunion Photo Gallery

If you can ID any of the people who are ? in the captions, or have name updates
please email the info!


Friday Night at O'Laughlin's

Carol Olson Rankin, ?, Virginia Spaven Hoppner

Carolyn Kolb Grafton & Dorothy Mitchell Herring

John Fogler, Dave Richardson, Richard Kramer,
Doug Richardon, John Wilt

Jeff Smith, Dick Adams, Sara McKnight Bechtold,
Eric (Ted) Linder, Bob Bechtold

Julie Rowe Cooke, Kate Lacey,
Nancy Horner Richardson

Doug Van Epps, D. Hertoz, Tony Mordenga,
Terry Thompson

Carol Collier Bennett & ?

Doug Van Epps & Penny Glick Turner

Kay Snider Kraatz, Bob Bechtold,
Sara McKnight Bechtold

Mrs. D (girls PE teacher) & Judy Downs Woods

Joe Genier

Winton Brown

Valerie Hodsdon Knight & hubby

John Morris, Jill Morris, Mary Jo Hardy Gabel,
Terry Thompson

Rita Krause Livingston & Jean Keck Wissick

Nancy Horner Richardson, Julie Rowe Cooke,
Lauren Pagoda, Kate Lacey

Norene Phillips Murphy, Tom Didas,
Linda Jurkiewicz Didas

"It didn't take long for people to connect and recognize one another. As with other reunions it was a powerful experience for me."
       - Julie Rowe Cooke

Penny Glick Turner & Carol Olson Rankin

Steve Gardner, Sandy Schudt Badura, Bob Benz


IHS Tour


John Bearden, David Dayton & wife, Andy Hendrickson, Martha Morris, ?, John Morris,
Sandy Schudt Badura, Jeff Smith, Jim Ludlow, ?

Sara McKnight Bechtold, Pat Payne, Dick Adams, Winton Brown,
?, ?, Judy Downs Woods

Jim Ludlow, Andy Hendrickson, Dick Adams,
Norene Phillips Murphy, Winton Brown

The library - it was the smoking courtyard
when we were at IHS!


Bob Benz, Cindy Muxworthy (Class of '62),
Richard Grinnell

Judy Downs Woods & Linda Ries Oakley

"The reunion definitely brought back many memories and a feeling of nostalgia." - Richard Grinnell

Remeber Moon River in the gym????

Science classroom

Nancy Horner Richaradson, Virginia Spaven Hoppner, Valerie Hodsdon Knight, Kathy Linder Dumas,
Norene Phillips Murphy, Steve Gardner ?, Dick Adams, Bob Benz

"Seeing everyone at the tour of the high school on Saturday brought back so many good memories of our years at IHS."
                       - Kathy Linder Dumas
The new improved auditorium with balcony

Doug Richardson & Terry Thompson

Jeff Smith, Eric Linder, Jim Ludlow


Studying the bricks in the Alumni Courtyard

Anne Belknap Winters

Sandra Schudt Badura, Dick Adams & guest

Pat Mooney Wood and ?

Doug Van Epps

"It was really great connecting again after so many years." - Doug Van Epps

Norene Phillips Murphy, Bob Benz, Penny Glick Turner, Anne Belknap Winters, Kathy Linder Dumas,
Valerie Hodsdon Knight, Nancy Horner Richardson

"Already looking forward to our next Class of '63 get-together." - Nancy Horner Richardson

The cone is a wind generator that provides power to light the playing fields behind the school

Main Entrance

Saturday Night at Rochester Yacht Club

Barbara Fischer & hubby

Dick Adams & guest

Jim Ludlow, Eric Rudin, Jack (John) Stewart, Andy Hendrickson

Carolyn Kolb Grafton & hubby

Jill Morris, John Morris, Martha Morris

Jeff Smith

Vince Peterson, Tony Mordenga, Terry Thompson

Carol Olson Rankin & Roberta Payne Hesek


Jean Schneeberger Hertzel


David Dayton

Ed Levy & Carol Collier Bennett

?, ?, ?, Eric Linder

Ginny Spaven Hoppner

Is this Maxine Bortnick????

Jim Harper & wife, Jack Stewart

Julie Rowe Cooke & husband

Jeff Smith & ?

Dorothy Mitchell Herring, Steve Robeson, Winton Brown,
Dick Thrasher, Linda Witters Baker

John Bearden

Jim Harper & John Harrison

Kate Lacey & hubby

Maxine & Mike Pixley

Kay Snider Kraatz, Steve Robeson, Winton Brown, Dick Thrasher, Roberta Payne Hesek

Linda Witters Baker

Norene Phillips Murphy & Stu Goldstein

Michael & Cynthia Gissin

Mickey Boeff Darrohn & Linda Ries Oakley

Mike Pixley, Sara McKnight Bechtold, Maxine Pixley

Patty Payne & Adria Paull Freeling

David Dayton & wife

Paul Kenner & wife

Penny Glick Turner & Dick Thrasher

Rita Krause Livingston & John Morris

Steve Robeson

Susan Stettner Shafer

Pete Koerner (?), ?, ?


Help - who are these two???

Tony Mordenga

Penny Glick Turner

"It was great to see old/young familiar faces which brought back so many fun '60's IHS memories!!" - Sue Hartrick Nelson
Virtual 50th

Sandy Hauser Gaylord & Sue Clark Howard